Hey, I'm Michael.

I’m a 26 year old entrepreneur, consultant, marketer and aspiring data scientist from Australia. Right now I’m on the Gold Coast, but will soon go back to digital nomad life. Outside of business and tech, I spend a lot of time outdoors, moving my body, exploring the arts, and reading great books.

Below you can see for yourself just how much I go off-topic in conversation, and what I’ve been working on for the past of couple years. If you’d like to talk about my consulting services, collaborate on a project or trade skills/lessons, shoot me an email.

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Projects I've worked on

Studying Machine Learning and joining IntelliHQ (Aug 2017 – Present)

In August 2017 I started studying data science and machine learning part-time, with the goal of entering the industry within 6-12 months. After landing back in Australia in January this year, I met the team at IntelliHQ and am now contributing to some projects at the Gold Coast University Hospital (improving patient outcomes and disease/mortality prediction).

I’ve been selling consumer goods to news feed scrollers for the past couple of years, and the reason for the move is to provide a little more value to the world and work on some more challenging problems. In the long-term, I’ll be focusing on things that benefit humanity and our future, and have a bunch of ideas around using ML for mental health.

Milu Consulting – Co-founder (Aug 2017 – Present)

With what we learned from building Trefiel, Lucy and I started Milu consulting (names were never my strength) to help other eCommerce and digital businesses solve the same problems we had to figure out first-hand. Most of the work is split between eCommerce and growth strategy, executing digital advertising and marketing campaigns/automations, and building and optimising websites.

For right now, this is where a decent portion of my time goes each week. A lot of businesses struggle to find good contractors who are efficient and focused on the bottom line (especially in marketing), and being able to help other founders free up their time and see their businesses grow is the reason why I do it.

Trefiel Skincare – Co-founder (Aug 2015 – Dec 2017)

Just before joining xLabs in late 2015, Lucy Bloomfield and I decided to start an eCommerce project after seeing the rise of influencer marketing and dozens other brands pop up online. We started with 200 face masks, some simple packaging and a few thousand dollars for marketing, and built the business primarily using influencer marketing and digital advertising. 18 months in, we’d completed Deakin’s SPARK accelerator, were managing a distributed team of contractors & VAs around the world, and had over 10,000 customers and counting.

Coming into 2017, Lucy and I wanted to do something more sustainable and were both ready to move on from skincare, and after selling our last batch of masks in December 2017, decided to shut the business down to pursue our new projects.

xLabs & Eyesdecide – Head of Research & Customer Engagement (Nov 2015 – Nov 2016)

After moving to Melbourne in late 2015 I joined xLabs, a Melbourne startup with real-time webcam eye-tracking technology to help build the EyesDecide eye-tracking platform. There I did a little bit of everything, from developing our UX testing methods and running most our larger customers’ managed projects, to sales and customer acquisition, product management, contributing to the overall business & marketing strategy, and managing customer engagement and success.

In October 2016 I left xLabs to focus full-time on Trefiel.