It’s often said to practice gratitude as a daily ritual and I’ve noticed how closely it correlates with my happiness at the time. Since going through some major changes of circumstances this year (changes in relationships, business, and cities), I’ve noticed my mood and happiness levels cycling up and down. While I’ve been refining my routine and habits and am feeling great again, I’ve noticed my own level of gratitude increase a whole heap.

A few years ago every month or two I used to go through my phonebook and call a bunch of people, some of whom I hadn’t seen in months or years, and send them some love, thank them, or just let them know I hope they’re having a great day. It was the result of an outpouring of how I was feeling and my contentment with being alive, and in the past couple weeks I’ve noticed this same behaviour coming back into who I am. I’ve noticed a sharp increase in how much I’m connecting with friends who had assisted me in the past, investing effort into stagnant relationships and just telling people I love them, and it’s a great indicator for me that I’m feeling really damn good.

The best work and most love comes out of my soul when I’m feeling great. I know that if I feel the urge to pour out love, I’m also putting the effort into keeping my own tank full and will feel the benefits. The cool thing is that this creates a feedback loop, making me feel better for sharing connection, and feeds the cycle.  It also helps that this makes tracking my general mood easier, since I can go back through my phone, calendar and habit tracker and see how much time I spent with others in any particular week.

So practice gratitude, and make sure you keep track of it. It’s a great leading indicator for your mood, productivity and creativity.

Great music helps too 😀